HOPE for Businesses and Nonprofits

At HOPE, we build financial strategies and comprehensive plans to support your business or nonprofit. This includes properly setting up and designing retirement plans unique to your needs, as well as benefit plans that help you attract and keep better talent for your business.

Retirement Plans

We’ll help you find a retirement plan that’s easy to implement and manage while meeting the needs of your business. We start by helping you select investments based on the best interests of you and your employees. And we can help alleviate the time-consuming aspects of managing a plan so you can focus on your most important role, which is running a small business with multiple employees and many moving parts.

We help with: Payroll Deducted IRAs, Simple IRAs, 403b, 401k, Solo 401k, Money Purchase Plans, Defined Benefit, 457(b) and 457(f), Top Hat Plans, Non-Qualified Plans, Cash Balance Plans, and more.

Employee Benefits

HOPE can help you evaluate employee benefit packages that are tailored to the size, vision and values of your company so you attract and keep employees. We’ll help you determine the cost-effectiveness of the various types of employee benefits, understand their advantages and disadvantages, and with the support of your tax and legal professionals, we’ll help coordinate a strategy to address your specific needs.

Nonprofit Retirement Plans

403(b) plans are retirement plans for employees of public schools, nonprofits, and religious organizations. Very similar to 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans allow employees to contribute a certain amount of their pre-tax income to a retirement fund, where it can grow tax-free until they begin to take distributions. These plans also allow you, as a business owner, to make contributions.